This plugin checks the hardware from Brocade FC switches using SNMP and provides performance data.

Download: check_brocade_fcswitch.tar.gz

./ –help Version: 1.01 – plugin for Nagios
Copyright (C) 2010 Martin Mueller
This programm comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
This programm is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Monitors the hardware status of an Brocade Fibre-Switch via SNMP.
To use this plugin, your Brocade Fibre-Switch must have SNMP enabled.


-H (–hostname) Hostname to query – (required)
-C (–community) SNMP read community (default=public)
-v (–snmp_version)   1 for SNMP v1 (default)
2 for SNMP v2c
-p (–snmp_port) SNMP Port (default=161)
-t (–timeout) Seconds before the plugin times out (default=15)
-V (–version) Plugin version
-h (–help) Usage help

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